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  • Keeping your pet healthy is important to us.

Cat Friendly Practice

Becoming a Certified Cat Healthy Clinic was the first step in our promise to our clients to provide a fear-free and cat friendly clinic experience. Some cats come from dog-less households, and it isn’t until they come into the clinic that they meet a dog for a first time – talk about a nerve-wracking situation! By providing our feline clients with a separate waiting room and cat-exclusive exam room, we hope that our cat patients feel safe and less fearful during their visit with our certified Cat Healthy veterinarians and technicians. In the Cat Only Exam room, we have implemented a Feliway diffuser that plugs into the wall and releases a pheromone that soothes and supports a calm environment. We also utilize a small speaker that plays iCalm music in tones that are appealing to cats. In addition, our talented carpenter designed sturdy shelves that are inviting for cats to climb and explore, and allow our patients the choice to have an exam performed on a surface other than the exam table.

Outside the exam room, we have a fun Cat Walk built into our waiting rooms that our own clinic cats use to move from room to room. This is a great example of environmental enrichment, something that you can do in your home for your cats!