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Teeth brushing for pets!

October 9th, 2018

Brushing your pet’s teeth can be hugely beneficial for your pet’s health as well as your wallet! Dental cleaning’s at the veterinary clinic are not cheap because it requires your pet to be under full anesthetic. The goal is to brush your dog’s teeth daily. This is not always possible but anything is better than nothing. We recommend toothpaste specifically formulated for animals. Enzymatic tooth paste is the best as it helps to delay the formation of plaque. You will also need a tooth brush. You can buy ones that are soft and fit onto your finger, ones that look like human ones but that are longer to reach way back in the pet’s mouth, or you can use a regular human tooth brush. Start by giving the tasty toothpaste as a treat for a few days. Then get your pet used to you opening their mouth and touching their teeth and gums. Each day for even one minute do this and gradually work your way up to putting the tooth paste on the tooth brush. It might be a few weeks until you will be able to actually brush a tooth but eventually you’ll be able to brush all the teeth in just a couple of minutes! We recommend working it into your daily routine so that it becomes habit. For instance brushing your dog’s teeth after you brush yours at night. There are some dogs who just won’t tolerate having their teeth brushed and in this case you could consider a dental diet, dental water additive or dental chews.

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