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How often should I take my pet to the vet?

October 23rd, 2018

If you have a healthy pet with no underlying health issues then a yearly examination by your veterinarian is recommended. This is the time to have your pet’s weight assessed by a professional, update any vaccines that are due, purchase flea/tick/heartworm/parasite prevention for the year, get bloodwork done, ask any questions you may have and have an all over examination done by the veterinarian to point out any possible health concerns. Pets age much faster than people do. Going to the vet once a year with your pet is like you only going to the doctor every 5-7 years. So much can happen over that span of time. If you have a pet with an underlying health issue such as diabetes, cancer, thyroid problems, epilepsy, mobility issues or a senior pet than you should consider taking your pet more often for check-ups. Generally, in veterinary medicine, health issues found sooner rather than later are not only better in the long run for your pet’s health but also for your piggy bank.                                  

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