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How to make my senior pet comfortable

November 23rd, 2017

As our young, spry pets that are full of energy start to get older they begin to slow down and can have many new obstacles to deal with. Some of these issues include loss of vision, hearing loss, mobility issues, reduced appetite, weight loss, confusion, etc. To make your senior pet the most comfortable avoid anything that may cause them stress. If your pet is having issues seeing don’t move any of the furniture around or add new things to the environment that your pet is not used too. A stable routine can go a long way for our senior pets. Mobility issues can be helped by adding in supplements specific for joints and mobility such as glucosamine or Sasha’s blend products. There are specific diets out there made for seniors that contain glucosamine in them and that are made with ingredients focused on helping with joints. Another thing to try is placing floor runners or blankets down on the floor where they usually walk to avoid any sliding. Little booties with grips on the bottom can really help too.  A couple of tips to try and entice your senior pet to be more interested in their food may by heating it up or offering a variety of food. Switching the diet every few days so they don’t get bored can also encourage them to eat. Seniors that experience weight loss obviously have less body fat than they are used too which makes them cold. Warming up blankets in the dryer or using heat discs for them can really help make them more comfortable. Consider purchasing a big, cozy dog or cat bed and place it in a warm area of the house. Think about the issues your older dog or cat is having and make small adjustments that will make them happier and more comfortable in their senior years!


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