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How to trim cat nails

July 19th, 2017


Cat nails are easy to trim once you get the hang of it! First thing’s first it helps if you wait for your cat to be in a relaxed mood. Get your cat in a comfortable position, facing away from you. Grab a paw and gently squeeze the cat’s individual paw pads to extend each nail outwards. One by one, trim each nail making sure to include the dewclaws (“thumb”) and any extra toes your fluffy friend may have! The key part of trimming your cat’s nails is not hitting the quick. The quick is the interior blood supply of the nail that appears pink. If clipped, it may bleed. If this happens, apply pressure and contact your veterinarian. To avoid hitting the quick, take very small amounts off at a time. If your cat seems to react painfully, leave that nail as you may be getting close to the quick! If your cat isn’t tolerating the nail trim very well then take breaks and only do a few nails each day. Rewarding them with a treat or toy after can make it a fun experience. It is good to trim your cat’s nails every few weeks to avoid them scratching furniture and/or the nail splitting and causing injury.


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