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How do I clean my pet’s ears?

November 15th, 2018

Cleaning your pet’s ears regularly can help avoid ear infections. Dry, clean ears are much less likely to become infected. On average we recommend cleaning your pet’s ears about every 1-2 weeks. If your dog swims on a regular basis then we recommend it more often. Certain breeds of dogs and cats are prone to have more wax than others. To clean your pet’s ears you will need a gentle ear cleanser. We recommend purchasing one from a veterinarian because they are medically approved and safe for your pet. Clean one ear at a time. Put a good squirt of the ear cleanser into your pet’s ear. Then, before the dog has a chance to shake it’s head give it a good massage to really work the cleanser around all parts of the ear and to go down deep into the ear canal. Allow the pet to shake it’s head which will help break up the wax and make it loose and easier to clean. Using a gauze or cotton ball around your finger put your finger inside and wipe out the wax and debris. Do this until the gauze comes out clean. It is extremely important not to push your finger too far into the ear. Only put your finger in as far as you can easily see. Pushing too far down can seriously damage the ear. If you find that your pet’s ears are particularly dirty you can put another squirt of the ear cleanser in the ear after you have finished cleaning as a leave in cleanser. As the animal shakes its head and moves around the remaining gunk will naturally come out. Most cats and dogs do not enjoy having their ears cleaned however if your pet seems painful, has a lot of wax or you see redness in the ear consider seeing your veterinarian in case the pet has an ear infection.

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