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Does my pet have fleas?

November 3rd, 2018

If you suspect your pet has fleas gently look through their fur for any flea dirt which is essentially flea poop. If you do see something that resembles “curly dirt” then put some onto a white wet paper towel and then gently squash the paper towel. If there is a pink tinge to the paper towel it can be confirmed that your pet has fleas as this pink tinge is actually blood found in the flea dirt. If there is no pinkness found but you still suspect your pet has fleas you can take your pet to the veterinarian for a flea check. To avoid having to deal with fleas altogether it is best to use some sort of flea protection, especially during the warmer months. In Ontario, Canada we suggest starting treatment in May and using it right through till November. In other areas it may be recommended to continue flea treatment all year long. Most flea products offer protection against other parasites as well such as certain kinds of ticks, intestinal parasites and/or heartworm. If you have questions about the various types of prevention products contact your veterinarian and they can assist you with the right product based on your pet’s risk level and lifestyle.

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